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for info about my OC's

Alice Wire (the Historians):
for any role playing areas please do not be 4th wall. I worked very hard to allow her to do things like change story worlds to places that exist in media and hit the 4th wall as little as possible. thank you. also if you talk about OC's that are in her story but have been removed she will NOT have a clue who they are

Mia (the Historians):

Lily Lane (the Historians/alt personality for writing): (no media/see items labeled "written with Lily Lane")

Sophia Soft (Solaris):

Daisy (ADHD): (no media)

Lynn Kate (The Afters):

Daisy (The Merc's Blade): (no media)

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Quinn Morgan
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I my skills and artistic capability stand strong in writing. I am socially impaired and like to be alone drowning myself in music falling out of reality into my own world. creating stories most of which are never told. often they are too long or faulty. but often enough they're for me.

like games? like things that are over explained? check out my game streaming channel:…
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Alice Wire infoAlice Jill Wire
hair: purple (natural), follows the shape of her head until it gets to her neck then it spreads. her bangs flow from her top left down to the right with uneven endings per hair
skin: pale white
eyes: brown, large, round, slight tilt downward
lips: small, narrow
nose: small, lack of protruding details, very geometric, smooth
40 lbs (if she were like us 90, but genetic science more than halved her weight)
4' 9"
body type:
thin, youthful
also noted:
the palms of her hands have burns (left hand is worse)
emotionally disturbed by her experiences.
but hidden deep beneath is the sweet innocent little girl she once was
story arch:
basically, to clarify, she comes from the year 4128. she was diagnosed with a terminal infection with no cure. she had her first adventure (which I never got around to writing 'cause I suck) and then one day someone presents her with a cure. but it will s
no easy way to say itAlice Wire is a living entity. there. that wasn't so hard, however explaining HOW she's a living entity is the hard part and I'm not sure I'm up for it. either way:
she's not a physical being but she's alive. I can see her and hear her and feel her. as can my girlfriend and my sisters. I'm being treated for schizophrenia and psychotic features but haven't shown any yet. I'm not imagining her otherwise I would have full control. and I wouldn't feel like I'm running into her if I walk where she is.
it's... hard to explain. and I know much of the world isn't ready for the answer just yet because it's difficult to analyze scientifically. but if anyone would like to know you can note me with a promise not to patronize me

Alice Wire stamp by xijhmclarenQMia stamp by xijhmclarenQLily Lane stamp by xijhmclarenQ
note: anything signed -AJW is a place where I am role playing as her. if you use this symbol <AJW> in your comment then say something for that conversation I will also role play as her. because a really cool person was upset that I deactivated her RP account. Alice Wire supporters, enjoy!


(well, rerun) RP account is back talk to her here :iconalicewire: (just note me if she doesn't answer)


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