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for info about my OC's

Alice Wire (the Historians/Dose of Time):
"Alice: Historian"
"Alice: Variable"

Mia (the Historians/Dose of Time): requires updated media
"Mia!: AI!"

Lily Lane (the Historians/Dose of Time): (no media)
"Lily: plot twist"

Sophia Soft (Solaris):
"Sophia: Lago bound merc"

Daisy (ADHD): (no media)
"Daisy!!!: uh, over active smasher of things!!!"

Lynn Kate (The Afters):
"Lynn: Operator"

Rose (The Merc's Blade): (no media)
"Rose: swordsman"

Amy Smith (Partial Reality): (no media)
"Amy: the illusion of truth"

learn a bit about each! 10 facts/char/meme

Random Favourites

thanks for every one who puts up with me and is nice enough to sketch Alice Wire!
Alice Wire new style 1 by xijhmclarenQ by ME!!! finally a pic of her, by me, I really like!!!
Alice Wire as Julie Brown by xijhmclarenQ by me (Steampunk/Julie Brown)
Alice Wire SAO by xijhmclarenQ by me (Sword Art Online Version)
Really quick Alice Wire sketch  by evakatt by :iconevakatt:
Request: Alice Wire by Sooperr by :iconsooperr:
Alice Wire by Abby by xijhmclarenQ by Abby
Request: Alice Wire by AnimeAngel120 by :iconanimeangel120: (despite the fact that I am not a brony, this is a "the hell with it" moment)
Alice Wire (Request) by DerpyWinston by :iconderpywinston:
(AT)  Alice Wire by delijz by :icondelijz:
#iwilldrawyouroc - Alice Wire by Reiirin by :iconreiirin:
Request for xijhmclarenQ by The-Twitching-Doll by :iconthe-twitching-doll:
OC Request : Alice Wire by Evinaizer by :iconevinaizer:
Alice Wire (Sketch request) by Athenas-Sanctuary by :iconathenas-sanctuary:
at  Alice wire  by delijz also :icondelijz: (Sword Art Online Version)
Request #3 by The-Twitching-Doll also :iconthe-twitching-doll: (Sword Art Online Version)
Request 01 Alice wire by HakuSuiren by :iconhakusuiren:
Icon by The-Twitching-Doll also :iconthe-twitching-doll:

and... who has time to do stuff like these? because the following are for me. thanks for not only putting up with my crap but trying to polish it XD

Alice Wire WIP by ElisterosVeletrone by :iconelisterosveletrone:

I miss driving my stick shift but a game I have will let me live that virtually. if I recorded me just driving would any be dying to watch? 

2 deviants said how does driving stick effect your driving patterns? (yes)
1 deviant said driving is boring to watch (no)
1 deviant said only if you throw in stupidity (maybe)
1 deviant said yes but you have to talk like a motor vlog (yes)
No deviants said yes and I don't mind if you don't speak (yes)

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An Intelligent Idiot
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hello, I am xijhmclarenQ. I am a writer, technical sketcher, gamer, anarchist, and one of the scariest conceptualists who ever lived. I enjoy free verse, villanelles and sonnets as well as some story when I have time. I've also been know to screw with almost any medium you give me and do game streaming.

the lovely picture of me and Alice playing chess is by The-Twitching-Doll

like games? like things that are over explained? check out my game streaming channel:…
Game List by xijhmclarenQ


Alice Wire infoAlice Jill Wire
hair: purple (natural), follows the shape of her head until it gets to her neck then it spreads. her bangs flow from her top left down to the right with uneven endings per hair
skin: pale white
eyes: brown, large, round, slight tilt downward
lips: small, narrow
nose: small, lack of protruding details, very geometric, smooth
40 lbs (if she were like us 90, but genetic science more than halved her weight)
4' 9"
body type:
thin, youthful
also noted:
the palms of her hands have burns (left hand is worse)
emotionally disturbed by her experiences.
but hidden deep beneath is the sweet innocent little girl she once was
story arch:
basically, to clarify, she comes from the year 4128. she was diagnosed with a terminal infection with no cure. she had her first adventure (which I never got around to writing 'cause I suck) and then one day someone presents her with a cure. but it will s
no easy way to say itAlice Wire is a living entity. there. that wasn't so hard, however explaining HOW she's a living entity is the hard part and I'm not sure I'm up for it. either way:
she's not a physical being but she's alive. I can see her and hear her and feel her. as can my girlfriend and my sisters. I'm being treated for schizophrenia and psychotic features but haven't shown any yet. I'm not imagining her otherwise I would have full control. and I wouldn't feel like I'm running into her if I walk where she is.
it's... hard to explain. and I know much of the world isn't ready for the answer just yet because it's difficult to analyze scientifically. but if anyone would like to know you can note me with a promise not to patronize me
my christmas gift and... Alice Wire?it's better explained in the video I'm linking here but if you have time and care, you'll see some cool stuff. such as...
me crying, an old story of mine manifest itself into reality, Alice Wire and myself become the same person.
so, I explain everything in the video but basically this is my reaction to going through the stuff in my gift from my Dad this holiday. he put more thought into this than even close to what I was expecting. it's a long video but you are free to watch whatever. but if you what to get the bits of me crying go about halfway.
length: about 50 minutes 8| (sorry!)
don't watch both. I think their the same but it was uploaded weirdly
you may have seen this but if you haven't watch the first half of the video first
Alice Wire and the Memory
(unless you don't care about the video then do whatever XD)

Alice Wire stamp by xijhmclarenQ Mia stamp by xijhmclarenQ Lily Lane stamp by xijhmclarenQ

(well, rerun) RP account is back talk to her here :iconalicewire: (just note me if she doesn't answer)


I don't write stuff down but when I do and I actually need the information... and I can find the original journal with that information... yeah, makes me wonder why I trust my memory sometimes

here's what I was looking for: Alice AU character names. there where 4 created as a contrast to Alice and hair color played an important role in personality. so check anime hair color meaning if needed

full names, genres and hair color
Alice Jill Wire: cyberpunk, biopunk, time travel, alt history, possibly more/purple
Julie Annie Brown: steampunk/dirty blonde
Sally Lynn Jensen: (unsure)
Samantha Gene Garand: (unsure)
Natalie Marie Claire: dieselpunk/black


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BritneyMorgan Featured By Owner Edited 1 day ago  Professional General Artist
Mayday! Mayday!
The ship is slowly sinking
They think I'm crazy but they don't know the feeling
They're all around me,
Circling like vultures
They wanna break me and wash away my colors
Wash away my colors
Take me high and I'll sing
Oh you make everything okay (okay, okay)
We are one in the same
Oh you take all of the pain away (away, away)
Save me if I become
My demons
xijhmclarenQ Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Writer
tore away the veil of weakness
The enemy now lies beneath us
I think we're safe

Won't be held down any longer
No disgrace and no dishonor
Keep us chained

There's nothing we should have to fear
It's alright
We've come to life

We'll never shed another tear
It's alright
We've come to life

the bulletproof are so resilient
To every fool with an opinion
They never break

By the way
We scream to find a reason
Never doubt or stop believing
And escape

There's nothing we should have to fear
It's alright
We've come to life

We'll never shed another tear
It's alright
We've come to life

Now wicked tongues can speak
And rewrite history
But you can't keep the truth contained
And like this song was sung
Just realize we're one
And don't forget we're here to stay

There's nothing we should have to fear
It's alright
We've come to life

We'll never shed another tear
It's alright
We've come to life

Come to Life - Alter Bridge
BritneyMorgan Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional General Artist
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xijhmclarenQ Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Writer…

when good song meets good song you have to look at it

(you have to look at this cliche, *ding*)
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